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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Conejos Superfly Winners

Our 2009 Conejos Superfly Champions Reid Darnell and Brian Darnell

2009 Superfly Update

We just finished our 2009 Conejos Superfly it was a great weekend with alot of fun and a very close competition. We had 50 teams show up this year with two days of qualifiers for sundays final. Here are the results of the 2009 Superfly.

1st Place Reid Darnell and Brian Darnell
2nd Place M. Sexton and J. Arnold
3rd Place T. Smith and M. Kennedy
4th Place E. Adams and R. Scott
5th Place B. Long and J. Schoonmaker
6th Place E. Pauly and J. Buchanan
7th Place J. Harp and T. Johnston
8th Place D. Ence and B. Turner
9th Place T. Caldwell and E. Wade
10th Place R. Mai and M. Vigil

Big Fish Winners
Friday Winner - Jerry Arnold
Saturday Winner - Fillipe Jaramillo
Sunday Winner - Joe Kerefkey

Casting Competition Winners
1st Place Leo Sanchez
2nd Place Matt Burton

Over all these were three great days of fun, food and some great people. We hope to see everyone at the 2010 Superfly. Next year the format will be tweaked and will probably go to a composite score for the two days of fishing to decide the winners. Your thoughts and feedback would be great to hear!

A special thanks to all of the people who supported this event and to the people who donated money to the river project.

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