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Friday, May 27, 2011

Josh Curtis Makes the USA Fly Fishing Team

Conejos River Anglers Guide Josh Curtis

I just wanted to spread some good news about one of our Conejos River Anglers Guides. Josh Curtis has made the US Fly Fishing Team for the 2011 Season. Josh qualified for the National Championships during a competition held in Durango during the summer of 2010. Earlier this May 60 anglers from around the United States then traveled to compete in Cherokee, NC for the chance to earn a spot on the team. During the three day competition Josh scored well enough to take 7th place over all earning one of the 12 coveted spots.

Congratulations Josh you earned it brotha!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

F1 Fly Reel From Ross Reels USA

What CRA Says about the NEW F1 Reel Series:

" We have been looking forward to this new reel from Ross since we laid eyes on it this last fall. The new drag design has created a really smooth start up and has out of this world stopping power for the size of the reel. As a guide I can't imagine a more bullet proof piece of equipment that you can depend on day in and day out. The guide finish on this reel looks awesome."

What Ross has to Say about the NEW F1 Reel Series:

"After more than two years of design, development and testing, we are pleased to introduce the F1TM - a large arbor series that is destined to revolutionize modern fly reel design. The F1 is a complete departure from conventional thinking and incorporates the most innovative features found in any fly reel. The drag system utilizes eight independent contact points to produce the smoothest and most dependable drag system on the market today. Two square inches of carbon fiber drag surface results in unsurpassed stopping power and heat dissipation. The spool fits on a carbon fiber stabilizer with two fully sealed stainless steel ball bearings that provide precision fit and smooth rotation. The F1 employs a Ross original clutch bearing that is fully sealed and enables retrieve conversion without removing the bearing- an industry first! The extensive use of carbon fiber in the drag system, spool stabilizer, handle and spool release produce system strength and rigidity, while at the same time reducing overall weight. Ten separate o-rings completely seal the system, making it totally impervious to the drag-changing effects of water. The F1 employs a constant-torque drag knob with a 56:1 mechanical advantage; resulting in uniform drag knob rotation and infinite drag adjustment."

We Have A Winner!!!!

Johnny Pribyl with a Great Rainbow
(He is Rock'n A CRA Hat in the photo NICE!!)

Just wanted to let everyone know that we have a WINNER for this weeks hat contest. I just got a phone call from Johnny Pribyl with the correct answer. The name of the fly in the contest is Peterson's Tungsten Caddis Borealis. Congrats Johnny on winning a Conejos River Anglers Hat!!!!

Thank you to everyone for playing and keep watching for our next contest coming soon!

CRA Hat Contest #2

Peterson's Tungsten Caddis Borealis
Umpqua Feather Merchants

Thanks to everyone who made some guesses on the last hat contest. I am going to save the answer to the last contest for later because I am going to re-use the video at a later date so be watching for that. This weeks hat contest is a bit different. What I want all of you fisherman out there to do is to name that fly. Who ever is the first to call with the correct answer wins Conejos River Anglers hat. I am going to give out a hint for everyone. It is an Umpqua fly in the photo. I want to wish everyone good luck.

Conejos River Anglers

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Showing Some Love

Song of Despare

una cancion desesperada or oncorhyncus mykiss

Art by Fujioka

Art by Fujioka

by Aaron Abeyta

in my trout dream
you are twin to the dawn
the pearl of your belly
that is the sky in the

brief breaths the moments
of sunless light a wash of pink
guazing at the center of you
ghosting away at your caudal edges

and in the human chamber
of my heart where it
hilts up against the primal
and the uncharted

i assume that on the fifth day
God had grown weary and therefore
created you to perfect
the domes and orbits that preceded you

so that every possible
sky might be foretold
there upon
your wet body

this shadowless light
milks its white breath
against the river and there
in the riffles and the deep pools

the trout queue themselves
in a braid of shadows
they are the movement of dreams
what man looked upon when he created music

consistently as the slow dreams
where i hold you
i remember that the phoenicians

had an alphabet
the egyptians written words
but neither was blessed enough to
have written your name to have

held you in the God light of dawn
and what of that fourth chamber
the one whose room
has flooded and is yours

the dead trees along the river
have forgotten what they are
everything is part wish
part shadow this indescribable light

of madrugada rubbing itself
against this river and i should not have
touched you and because of you
dreamt of rain or a slope of trees or

a moonlit snowstorm or a ribbon
of stars landed and touchable
your body a constellation
to my wishes

spilling back into the river
toward the secret spot of the human body
the haunt of you
barely there in my hand

About the Author

Aaron Abeyta is a poet and a professor at Adams State College.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spring Time!!!

Spring is here and the water is unbelievable. We have blue skies this morning, no wind and an overwhelming sense that we need to go fishing. Spring time on the Conejos is great for a lot of different things. For example; everything is turning green, all of the birds are chirping and doing the spring time dance, the fish start eating really hard after a long winter, ect... These are just a few of my favorite things about the spring down here. I have to tell you what I like most of all is the fact that these fish get super wormy. I mean they just start pounding the worms down. I guess a comparison to how these fish are eating would be, all of the guides from the shop here coming in off a long day on the water having not eaten all day and then cutting us lose on the all you can eat Chinese Buffet in Alamosa. We all would eat so much our stomachs would pop... and the we would try and eat some more.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Are You Ready?

Spring time is here and the time is now. The nymph fishing on the Conejos right now is really good and what better way to complement your time on the water then with the "Sindicator" from Idylwilde Flies. This new indicator is fantastic for all of you nymphing needs. If you are coming through this neck of the woods anytime soon you should drop by and check this indicator out, it was made for you!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Conejos River Report

The weather has been amazing for the past couple of days, sunny and blue bird. Jasmine has been out guiding on the upper river for the past couple of days and she says that they just had great time and that there were a lot of fish out sunning in the shallows. The bugs to have on the water right now are: Tung. Slavation Nymph #8-12, Jimmy Legs #8-10, G-string Worm #12, Tung. G-String Worms #10, Tung. Two Tone SJW #12, Double Digit Midge-Black #16-20, Chironocones #16, Flash Bang Midge-Red #16. Right now you can get away with 4x flouro to your flies. These fish are eating hard and right now is the time to be on the water.

I will be having another CRA Contest this next week so please stay tuned. I did have a good number of people try and answer the question but I didn't get the correct answer so I am going to save that one for later in the year and we will make the prize for that even bigger. Thank you to everyone who tried.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Conejos River Anglers Hat Contest

How many fish are in this video? Call me with the right answer and win a Conejos River Anglers hat. Shop number 719-376-5660

***Bonus Today Only (05-07-20110) get a half dozen flies with the hat for the correct answer! Keeps trying.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Flies for 2011 Season

OG Worm Red/Pink #12
OG Worm Red/Brown #12
Tung. Salvation Nymph Purple #8-16
Tung. Salvation Nymph Golden Brown #8-16
Tung. Salvation Nymph Emerald #8-16
Flashbang Midge Red #16-20
Flashbang Midge Cream #16-20
Flashbang Midge Black #16-20
Double Digit Midge Red #16-20
Double Digit Midge Black #16-20
Double Digit Midge Rust #16-20

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fly Tying Materials

This will be the first year that we offer fly tying materials by order. If you need anything please feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to take care of you.