Fishin' Pics

Friday, April 29, 2011

Korkers Fisherman's Moc

The New Korkers Fisherman's Moc has arrived and let me tell you they are awesome. All of us here at the shop have a pair and I am happy to say they are some of the most comfortable work shoes I have ever worn. Stop by the shop and see for yourself.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

2011 Conejos Superfly Am Edition

After watching the Conejos Superfly this year my reaction was, "You cant make this stuff up!" We had Chamber of Commerce weather and flows and it was alot of fun to watch and not have to fish. There were plenty of moments of head scratching and moments that were so good they videotaped it in realtime just in case no one believed them! The team of Coontz and Drinnen came from 10 pts back and racked an incredible 95.5 pts the final day for a 2 day total of 160. The second highest ever one day score. The bugs that the fish seemed to love on the lower river were totally different than up high. The team of Pauly/Buchanan had the seins out and had identified what they found was the bug the first day and put themselves in second after day one primed for another win and they restocked for the last day. Only problem. Fish seemed to change meals and they had to scramble to figure it out again. Last years winner took a tough beat the first day and did well enough to stay close to the lead and drew RMAC the last day. We thought they might be in the drivers seat but as we watched they caught fish but we feared not fast enough. Up really high by Rocky Mt. Lodgea beat that scored a meager 33 pts the first day Drinnen and Coontz were starting the day with cheap domestic beer and a #20 Yong Special. Why??? But they did and they caught brown after brown and were quickly turning the tournament on its ear. Down low on the river the team that were the leaders after the first day, Beasley and McVay, and had turned our Upper Hamilton into a very impressive 75.5 pts were struggling to find the fish. At about 3:00 they were only 4 fish into the day and it all looked like both of the top 2 teams after the first day had been overcome. Meanwhile on RMAC the team of Troudt/Moran were rolling fish. Alot of them. The team father son team of miles and miles were steadily landing browns and turned Conejos C.G./Lower Rocky Mt. Lodge into a very nice 63 pts. By the end of the day when we were waiting for everyone alot of strong scores were coming in when Coontz/Drinnen walked into Conejos Ranch they were about 2' off the ground and when we saw the score sheet with ink all over it we knew it was over. Conejos Ranch did a great job with the food and beverages and the trout did there part. And just like we wanted to see is the champions were the ones that could catch brown trout! Here are the results of the final day

1. 160 - Coontz/Drinnen

2. 135.5 Troudt/Moran

3. 128.5 - Pauly/Buchanan

4. 120 - Miles/Miles

5. 119.5 - Beasley/McVay

6. 113 - Cooper/Stone

7. 110 - Herrara/Sanchez

8. 109 - Quintana/Collins

9. 105.5 - Gentry/Gentry

10. 102 - Lewis/Flores

11. 98.5 Eccleston/Torres

12. 96.5 Lewis/Barela

13. 95 Downey/Downey

14. 94.5 - Rosett/Rosett

15. 93.5 Goldston/Goldston

16. 90.5 - Silver/Sorenson

16. 90.5 - Trompler/Trompler

18. 89 - Bussey/Bussey

19. 82 - Blankenship/Schultz

20. 81-Bernal/Avery 2

0.81 - Arterburn/Sinster

Congratulations on everyone who made it to the final day!