Fishin' Pics

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

River Update

Just thought that I would throw out a quick Conejos River report. I am sorry that it has been so long since the last post (have been out the water a lot).

The upper river has been on fire and what I mean by that is that from the bottom of the pinnacles to the dam the fish have been eating dries really hard. We are still seeing a really good number of Grey Drakes, Red Quills, PMD's, Yellow Sally's, Trico's, and Midge's coming off. As well as a few scattered Green Drakes. We have been seeing some good afternoon showers which means more bugs popping off in the evening. Our water levels could not be any better then they are right now, you can fish anywhere.

All of the tribs have been producing really well so there are a few other options if you want to get off of the Conejos for the day. I guess all in all what I am trying to tell everyone is come get your dry fly on! I hope to see you on the river soon.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

On the Water Photo Journal

This is a photo journal post. For the past five days I was out on the water with a great fisherman and good friend Shad Goldston. We had a lot of fun as you can see from the photos below.

Day 1

First fish of the trip it was a great way to start things off

This fish was slurping dries off the surface in some nice slow water

This fish was sipping dries in a really tough spot so Shad made a great Long down stream drift and fed this fish a size 16 Adams. It was fishing a spring creek the way we caught this fish. Great job brotha!

Day 2

Heavy Bodied Rainbow caught on the G-String Worm

Look at the Colors on this fish it looks like a South American Brown

Beautiful Brown Taken on the Pink G-String Worm

Green Drake Dry... YES!!

Brown on the Dry

Streamer Eater Number 1

23 inch Rainbow taken on a 6 inch long Streamer
(Streamer Eater Number 2)

Head shot of a great Bow

Some Trout have Wings Too

Day 3

20 inch Brown on a Mahogany Dry

Beautiful Brown taken on a

Nice Browny taken on a Dry

Day 4

23 inch Female Brown caught on a #8 Tung. Salvation Nymph

Nice Head Shot

Day 5

We had a bit of a tougher day on the water on day 5. We hooked into an incredible fish on a CDC Mahogany Dry that really did not want his photo taken. Oh well that is part of the game sometimes.

Overall we had a great time on the water together and got into some great fish. Shad made the book of 20 4 times during his time here. Congrats Brotha you deserve it.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Insane Fishing Right Now!!!!

I wanted to let everyone out there know that the Conejos River is fishing amazing right now. I have been out on the water the past two days guiding and I tell you what these fish are eating dries hard. Yesterday I guided two awesome fisherman through one of the most public stretches on the Conejos. I have to say one of my top five most productive days ever while guiding this great river. If I told you how many big browns we landed you probably wouldn't believe me, what I will say is that we land a couple of brown trout in the 18"-19" range and a good number in the 16"-17" range. Oh I forgot to mention that ever fish was on a DRY FLY!

The overall report from all of the guides has been just that "Outrageous! These fish are eating hard". There are a bunch of grey drakes coming off, red quills, yellow sally's, midges and a few green drakes. I would have to say that it is time to be on the Conejos River.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Today's Guide Trip Highlight!!

Well one today's guides came back with one heck of a fish tale and I said lets see the pics. Well it wasn't just a fish story it was the truth. Look at this pig of a Conejos River Brown Trout.

Two of the Sherwood brothers came down and spent half a day on the water with Guide Jon Harp and they just killed it. I just want to say congrats fellas and that is one heck of a fish.

One of the Sherwood Brothers and Jon harp with a Fantastic Conejos River Brown Trout

One of the Sherwood Brother and Jon Harp

Eye Candy

This river has really been giving up some great fish lately. The Grey Drakes are popping off really hard mid morning and then coming back in the evening around 7:00pm to lay there eggs. I can not believe the numbers of fish being landed during guide trips. If I told you you may not believe me. If you have not been down to the Conejos River during this time of year you really need to see it. The flows right now on the lower river are just above 600 cfs and falling. I just want to give everyone a quick update and give you a little eye candy to get the blood flowing.

Jason Landing a nice Bow

Jason with a good Bow

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fun Days

Mike and Hugh spent a couple of days on the water with Guide Jasmine Ence this last week and here are a few of the highlight pics from those days.

Hugh and Jasmine Ence with a nice Brown

The Customary Thank You Kiss for the Fish

Mike and Hugh with nice Conejos Browns

Congrats guys it looks like you had some fun!

Look for another post with some more pics of those couple of days.

Friday, July 1, 2011

It's Alive

The Conejos has really become a living river over the past few days. There are Goldenstones coming off from the fly shop to the bottom of the pinnacles. We have also been seeing Red Quills and PMD's coming off on multiple parts of the river and three days ago the Grey Drakes started coming off. Jon, Troy and Jasmine have all been guiding the lower Conejos and have come back with similar reports. "The dry fly fishing was insane... at one point through out the day we fished double dies". Well there you have it, the river is on the way down and the fish have started eating on top. We're looking forward to what is on the horizon.

Hatch Preview: Yellow Sally's, Green Drakes, Slate Drakes, Callibeatis, Ect...

See You on the Water!!!!!!!!!!!!