Fishin' Pics

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Get Fishing! Flies to help see some fish in the net!

Our 3-4 day battle with the wind is nearly finished and the conditions look great for the rest of the long weekend and into next week.  The flows also look like they are getting used to the warmer temperatures and slowly tapering off, creating an ideal time to get out on the water.  Currently on the lower and middle river, fishing dark stones such as our Sextone or Coffee and Black Pat's, size 8-12 is working well.  Pairing those with tungsten golden stone nymphs, size 8-12 has been working well, especially later in the day.  As always, the fish have been eating worms with the water being large and off-color, so make sure you have a complete arsenal of G-Stings and chenile San Juans, in both the single color and the two-toned tungsten versions.  As the flows drop, look for fish to be eating the smaller micro-g's and micro SJ's.  Other flies that have been productive on the middle and lower river include Olive and Natural Easter Bunny Poop, Salvations in both golden brown and green, Frenchies, Batman, Green Hornet, Wired Red Ass and a new fly here called the Jigged Hare's Ear.

Higher up, below Platoro, nymphing with Frenchies, annelids such as the LED, Barr's Emergers and pheasant tail's including the Hot Belly PT.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Bugs, Big Fish and Great Fishing!

Troy fishing a nice seam
The fishing has been incredible as of late with many fish finding our nets.  We have been experimenting with new bugs and think we have come up with a winner, Easter Bunny Poop.  I have been tying them in various sizes and so far have a natural hare's ear color and another in olive and both have been productive.  Stop in the shop before you head out to the river and grab a few.  For all you folks who are sitting back and watching the month of May slip away, do not overlook that thee fish are eating HARD right now throughout the river and are looking incredibly healthy.  Take a look at some pics taken by Jon and Troy on their lunch break today:
17" Brown on a #14 Olive Easter Bunny Poop

Saturday, May 12, 2012


So the title was a lie, but I got your attention right!?!

The season has started with a bang and the fishing has been great.  With the low-snowpack year, we are looking at low runoff levels and more than likely, bugs hatching earlier than usual.  Do not be worried about runoff levels heavily influencing your early summer plans as the fish have been feasting and enjoying the lower than normal flows.  Now for some news over the last month.

2012 Superfly:  The tourney came and went and many Conejos fish found their ways into anxious nets.  With the warm weather leading up to the weekend, the flows were high for Friday fisherman, but stair-stepped down as the weekend cold front moved in.  Saturday's fisherman dealt with high winds, snow and lower flows.  For Sunday, the flows dropped even more and the water cleared up a bit.  Fisherman got used to clearing their guides from ice in the morning and wind in the afternoon.  Numerous 20+ inch fish were caught, proving yet again the Conejos is a great springtime destination.  Thanks again to all participants and sponsors for another successful event!

2012 Summer Reservations:  It seems like the warm weather has more than the fish fired up as our reservations are filling in quickly for both guide trips and cabins.  If you are thinking of reserving any spots, please call sooner rather than later to ensure you get in on the action this summer.

New Gear:  We have numerous new bugs that the trout are loving, as well as many new items from all of your favorite brands:  Sage, Simms, Patagonia, Redington, Ross, Lamson, Umpua, Solitude and more.  Stop in the shop to check it out as well as getting dialed in on the current conditions.

And finally, FISHING!!!

Meadow: Right now the fishing has been great as over the last week the water levels has somewhat steadied throughout the Conejos.  Fishing below the dam has provided many excellent days recently for guides using various annelid patterns trailed by baetis and mayfly emergers and nymphs as well as midge larva.  For nymphing, make sure you have 5X Flouro to both flies as well as a small strike indicator.  Strong, precise casts boost the numbers of fish to the net, so make sure you are STEALTHY!  Splashing up the middle of the river won't cut it.  Your plan of attack with vary greatly with the flows, so stop in and talk to Jon or I to get filled in or better yet, go out with one of us guides to beat the learning curve.

Main River:  The main river has been fishing well, particularly in the late mornings, into the afternoons.  Using large stonefly imitations in both dark and light colors has been deadly when trailed by smaller flies.  I have been using the stone as my staple for a lead nymph, and changing my trailer fly depending on the flows and color of water (attractors vs. naturals).  When the flows have been higher than 500 (which has been the last few weeks), make sure you are adding enough splitshot to get your flies in front of the fish!  If you are not hitting the bottom here and there, you are not in front of the fish.

Tributaries and Small Streams:  Many of our favorite back-country places are shaping up nicely and the fishing has been incredibly fun.  Pack a lunch and water bottle and head out to check out some of the smaller streams.  Lately they are still more prone to take the nymphs than dries, but the fish are actively feeding.  Make sure you pack a rain jacket and an extra layer as afternoon thunderstorms have been the norm.

I look forward to meeting you all this season and helping to get you set up and on some fish.  Stop by the shop and grab some coffee, some flies and gear as you head up to the river.