Fishin' Pics

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Funny video from the guys in Boulder

Thanks to the guys at Rocky Mountain Anglers!  Funny Video.

Conejos Update - 8/30/12

The nights are definitely getting a bit chilly, and the fish are responding well!  We have been thankful of the cooler temps lately, and fishing throughout the river has been great.  The temps are still heating up in the daytime, so focus on the lower river in the morning and plan to move up a little bit to find some cooler water in the afternoon.  Not only have we been fishing the main river, but we are taking advantage of lower water on the tribs as well as venturing out to check out some high alpine lakes.

We have been seeing plenty of BWO's and beatis on the river, so throwing small patterns such as Parawulff Dennis Adams and BWO's, Adams Superfly and hanging RS2s, Barrs emergers, or Juju Baetis underneath has been a good approach.  Having an assortment of small midge larvas will pay dividends too.  Flashbangs, zebras and double digits do the trick.  Some days the fish are even tuned into larger stonefly nymphs so don't put away those pat's and Jimmy legs just yet.

Throughout the river, attractor dries and terrestrials have been very effective in the late morning/afternoons.  Hoppers, beetles, ants, stimmys, PMX's are staples.

The tributaries are getting to be a little skinny, so get out there if you have the itch.  Attractor dries still turn fish consistently as well as small terrestrials.  Hunting season has started as well, so before we know it those leaves will be turning yellow, some snow will arrive and we will be remembering the glory days that were summer.

Here are some pictures justifying why you need to get out there!

Tributary fishing at its best!

Me with a MONSTER cutty!  Location:  Mountains in Southern CO

Nice brown on a dry in the meadows

Jasmine's guys after a double up

Another nice meadow brown!